It kinda hurts to do this but up I'm putting my Brompton M3L up for sale. I bought this from Cosmic Bikes in Jefferson Park earlier this year and I haven't been using it nearly as much as I had intended so I'm willing to let it go. This one's really nice and has a number of upgrades.

-Spurcycle bell
-Brooks Saddle
-Brooks Grips
-Brompton Cover (you'll need this to take it on Metra/CTA during rush hour)
-Brompton toolkit
-Front luggage mount

In total, I have about $2100 invested in this bike and I'm looking to let it go for $1500 OBO. 

Cash only and I'd prefer it if you would come to me to get it. If that doesn't work, we can meet at the Jefferson Park police station on Milwaukee Ave.

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Brompies are wonderful, though I'll note that you don't need the cover to take it on the CTA. I take mine on the south side Red Line most working days. The cover can be useful for certain buildings, though. 

Still have this bike?


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