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If you like some flowers and greenery as part of your ride scenery, the blue lawns of Beverly are blooming. I spotted my first blooming scilla, crocuses and daffodils over a week ago in the sunniest spots. It's starting to get good. In another week, it will be even better.

Longwood Drive from 98th to 107th or so has lots of beauties. There are two good ones at 99th & Longwood. The city even responded to my 311 requests and filled many of the potholes that were plaguing this part of Longwood. No April Fool's joke - fewer potholes. The 9800 and 9900 blocks of Winchester have great views, too.

The spring scenery is a great excuse to ride on the south side.

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Lots of folks in Beverly and Morgan Park really take advantage of green space to create beautiful gardens. Here's a shot from this week.


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