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Let's kick off the summer biking season by ensuring bike lanes are clean, safe, and clearly marked. This event will include volunteers documenting bike lane conditions to share with city departments so they have great data and photos to plan their summer maintenance work. 

Part 1: Morning check in (optional).

Doughnuts & coffee provided.

If you are new to submitting to the Bike Lane Uprising database, an overview will be provided during morning check in.  Volunteers who have not selected a bike lane to adopt prior can do so during morning check in.

Location: Keating Law Offices, 825 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Part 2: Cyclists will visit their assigned bike lanes & document lane conditions.

Part 3: Meet up for an after PARTY! Free food!

Location: Rocking Horse - 2535 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 Logan Square near blue line. 

Help us spread the word: #BLUDayofService

RSVP and adopt a bike lane here:

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Hi! This is great. Thanks for posting. Could you please also add as an event so it’s added to the calendar? Thanks!

Done and done.

Would anyone like to help get Day of Service posters up in business storefronts?  Posters are available for pick up in the loop. Volunteers have been picking up about 20 posters and distributing in different neighborhoods. We’d love to spread the word about this event across all of Chicago and get each and envy bike lane mile adopted. 

-happy cycling!

I signed up and checked my e mail and is the highlighted in Yellow my stretch or the Black color above?

There's no names associated with the numbers I thought I was picking Illinois because I know of some problems in that lane.

43 and 43

Hi @Mike Zumwalt 

Can you email us at


I follow you on Twitter

I log in here to check what's going on.

I have an bike lane uprising account

You e mail me directly

I asked a question via one platform and don't want to create a Pinterest, Instagram,Facebook,My Space Vevo,You Tube account to ask a question 

Is my lane in Yellow?

Yes or No!?

Mike, check with BLU again to confirm. 

I agree, the map is challenging to figure out correctly. 

As best as I can determine from viewing the map on my computer, Section 43 (Adopted)(Dark blue) is the Grand Ave. Bike Lane westbound from Lake Shore Drive to State St.

Just below;

Section 42 (Adopted)(Yellow) is Illinois St. Bike Lane Eastbound from State St.  To Lake Shore Drive. 

Section 41 (Adopted)(Purple) is Illinois St. Bike Lane Eastbound from Orleans to State St. 

Hope this helps. See you Sunday May 19, at the after party at Rocking Horse. Thanks. 

Check with BLU.

I won't be able to make the service day. Franklin needs sharrows painted between Lake and Wacker. They f*cking painted the lane stripes, but not the sharrows. 

Orleans between the river and Hubbard needs complete repainting. The lines are barely visible.

Wells between Wacker and Van Buren is a complete sh*t show. The sharrows are barely visible. 

Missing sharrows on the Franklin St bike lane between Lake St. and Wacker Dr.

Faded lines on the Orleans St. bike lane over the Chicago River.

Missing lines on the Orleans St. bike lane between the Chicago River and Hubbard St. Note that the city repainted the traffic lanes. WTF.


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