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Biking and Wedding Planning?! Catch Brides on Bikes August 11

Total shameless promotion here because I want to make sure that all you Chainlinkers who are planning weddings (or any kind of big party for that matter) see this:

It's like a mini-wedding show with a ten-mile ride.  Ticket includes food and drink, and easy access to like-minded wedding/party vendors who can help you plan your big event.  Brides, grooms, partners, bridesmaids, parents--everyone is welcome.  There's even a bicycle rickshaw option for those who don't bike. 

Brides on Bikes is organized by the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance, a group of wedding planning professionals (I'm one) dedicated to helping their clients plan sustainable events.  It's also committed to LGBTQ equality, so don't let the name put you off! 

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*bump*  Lisa is very organized and professional.  If you're planning a special event, I hope you'll consider using her services.

ooh! Green Wedding Alliance is fab! My photographer partner is a member, but unfortunately not free that day and not a part of the tour (which is such a bummer, because he's basically on-route, down the street from Katharine Anne!)

I love that the event is a bike tour this time, and I hope it's super successful!

As long as we are talking about our friends, Molly Schemper is the owner of FIG Catering, is a friend, and is a great chef!

Anne, thanks for the shout-out.  And, yeah, Molly is awesome!  But, seriously, I just want to be sure this event doesn't get buried among all the great summer rides.  Feel free to pass it along if you know someone who might be interested.  It should be a ton of fun.

to continue the shameless plug sub-thread, my good frint kristin koury does small event catering :

she also founded kitchenistas, which will host cooking classes,demonstrations, etc.


she is a cyclist and former triathlete as well.


fun thread btw



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