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Has anyone ever biked across Cuba? Where did you fly in from? Where did you get bikes once in Cuba? Did you run into any problems?

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I want to do this too!

Is there a legal way for US citizens without Cuban relatives to do this?

I have friends that have made it. It mostly involves traveling to a country like Venezuela or Mexico and travel from there. 

I just spent a little time researching, because I've been interested in visiting Cuba and was deterred by the post-9/11 crackdown.  I found one tour company that handles legal travel to Cuba under an educational license.  I found a few tour companies (mostly Canadian) that do Cuban bike tours, but they don't touch the issue of legal U.S. access.  

I've known a few people who have done it with one of the bike tour companies and had a great time, but they went via Mexico, Jamaica or other Caribbean country.  These were before the post-9/11 crackdown, and I *have* heard about people getting busted and hit with big fines after entering Cuba through other countries such as Mexico or Jamaica.

Here's the appropriate info page from the State Dept. web site.   Perhaps the way to go would be to ask a U.S. company handling licensed, legal travel to Cuba to work with someone experienced in bike tours and offer a legal bike tour with enough educational content to qualify under the educational license.  

Your $0.02? 


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