The Chainlink a movie about the conflict between the two. Haven't seen it, perhaps it will make it's way here in one form or another.

BIKES vs CARS TRAILER from WG Film on Vimeo.

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"The reality is;
roads ARE for cyclists.
If I stopped biking,
it would be one cyclist less
that uses the right
to cycle in the city.
I DON'T want to be
one cyclist LESS !"

Lets hope it does. Would love to see it. Thanks for sharing!

There was a person in the movie that said something to the effect of, "The roads aren't built for cars, they are built for all of us."

Just saw this on Netflix and really like the movie and the message. It really isn't about Bikes vs. Cars from a direct conflict/confrontation perspective. It's more about the impact of cars and their growth and how cycling can help decrease the congestion and many of the issues. There are visits to São Paulo, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Toronto, Bogotá, and Germany. Lots of great information and the perspective of the cyclist is well represented. Definitely worth watching. Has anyone else seen the movie?

Mostly roads were built for transportation, centuries before there were cars. 

"The Good Roads movement had been started by cyclists. Soon after it..."

On NetFlix:

Bikes vs Cars - Interviews with urban planners and studies of traffic-related problems in major cities reveal the benefits of large-scale bicycle commuting. 1h31m

Thanks for posting the link. 

I watched it last night. I liked it and had to cringe every time that former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford spoke. What a moron. I thought they did a balanced and worldly reporting of car addiction around the globe. The only problem I had was some of the footage was blurry, as if the bit rates were not synced properly. A good watch though.

I think Rob Ford was Toronto's Trump. Pretty awful. 

Currently available for streaming on Netflix. Good movie with great information and advocacy. Some fun characters as well.

I watched it last night as well, very interesting film. I thought Rahm Emmanuel was bad, geez that mayor in Toronto is a nightmare.

On an unrelated note, how did your 650b conversion go? (just saw your mention of it in your profile and I'm curious)


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