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This just popped up on my Google bike alert:

I have to say, I agree with the author. I recall following a friend who was showing me his route north out of the Loop (always looking for new routes). Not a place for bikes, in my opinion.

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Yes, Its not safe to ride through there. Too many folks meandering about with no direction to go. Id hoped it would be a good route to escape trafiic on the way to the Lake. Pedestrian jam worse than Wacker.

Death!? You really have to be cranking to hit someone on a bike and break ribs or kill them

like 20-25+ mph which isn't possible on the river path even empty of peds. I don't ride it outside of the small stretch way East (Columbus Ave) where they have all the Summer stuff which is basically closed after Labor day. 

I walk my bike down there in the Summer and sit on the wall or grass have a break or eat. There's no bike racks anywhere,even on Wacker, so the only option for someone with a bike is to take it with you.

Personally I'm getting tired of all the "bikers are dangerous" alarmists as peds stand in the Dearborn, Clinton,Washington,Randolph bike lanes or use it as a sidewalk extension heading to the express bus stops.

No one follows the rules with regard to the infastructure set up for cyclists then get upset following a cyclist doing 9 mph on Wells,Dearborn,Kinzie...etc because its a double park Uber/Cab Zone.

end rant

Or you know, maybe these damned pedestrians can pull their damn headphones out of their ears and look up their phones and pay attention to their surroundings and quit blaming other people for their lack of situational awareness. That's what it really comes to. Bikes should not be banned, people not paying attention to their surroundings should be banned. 

Regarding your last paragraph, this happened to me on Wells a couple of weeks ago.  I took the lane north of North Avenue because delivery trucks were blocking the bike lane.  He was tailgating and honking, and even tried passing me on the right by using the bike lane.  I didn't feel like weaving in and out of the bike lane, so I didn't.


I would also like to remind the letter writer to wear a reflective vest so she will be more visible.


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