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Hey all, does anyone know if the CTA is enforcing the rush hour ban on bikes during covid? I know that trains aren’t very crowded these days so it seems silly that I couldn’t bring a bike on if it’s not crowded. Thanks 

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I contacted CTA. They said (and I quote), "There have been no recent changes to our bike policy." I imagine that means bikes are still excluded during rush hour. They also referred me here:

Ah thank you! I appreciate it! I’m too lazy to call myself haha. Damn, okay that’s dumb...I’ve seen people’s recent pictures of empty train cars during rush hour. Still, I wonder if one can get away with it...

Trains  are not as empty as they have  been. Nobody will be  sitting next to  you,  but  there are  more passengers.

I've taken my bike on CTA red line multiple times in the past week during rush hour with no issues. YMMV of course.

Thanks for the input everyone!



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