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Bike Valet for Mumford & Sons June 19 - three shifts available

Would you like to work the upcoming Mumford & Sons Concert Friday, June 19 at Montrose Beach?

10 am - 7 pm
3 pm - 12 am
8 pm - 12 am

Please let me know which (or both) you are available to work by sending me a private message at  


Up to $100 (depending on shift) per valet +tips (tips split between valet team)

Chainlink black t-shirt (please include your size)

Meal for longer shifts (lunch or dinner)

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I think it's super-peachy that they're not only taking the bike parking seriously enough to pay for help, but that there's no automobile parking being offered for this at all. It's starting to feel like the future, a little.

I hope they reconsider and instead of valet, have a supervised self-lock area. Speaking as someone who's been on both sides of the bike valet table at music events multiple times, I feel strongly that beyond 2-300 bikes there is no way to get the right bike back to the right person in a timely fashion at the end of the show.

Ok, so the concert was postponed until Friday. Anyone interested in joining us? :-)

Yes, later in the day so my pale skin doesn't peel off my body.

We still have some open spots for the shifts - including during the day. If you are interested, contact me at Thanks!


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