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Easy Rider in the 4100 block of north Lincoln.


Broke a spoke yestereday. The wobble was minimal and I could have made it home with no problem. I had already ridden 5-6 miles on it but decided to stop at Easy Rider. 25 minutes, $15 and the spoke was replaced. The wheel was true. I only had to wait 25 min as there was already a bike in the stand.  Never been there before and don't know them. Thanks.

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Easy Rider is awesome!  

Some of the best prices in the city, and the owner is fun to talk with.  Also a good selection of decent quality used bikes, and lots of parts (new and used) in stock.

Great to hear this! I live nearby and have often wondered about this business - seems somehow fishy as there are no prices posted and I think they only deal in cash. Thanks. 

Mike(EasyRider) is a good guy.  He's been there forever.



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