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Please help by posting public repair stations you may know about.  One is in front of Fresh Thyme located on Elston just north of Fullerton.  Another is on the IIT Illinois Tech campus at the Student Center,  33rd St and State St.   Any others?

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Up here in Evanston, I'm aware of a station in front of First Bank & Trust (now Byline Bank) at Church and Benson. There are also a couple on the Northwestern campus.

AFAIK, there's one in front of the Loyola Red Line station on Sheridan Rd..

There is one just south of the Southport Brown Line CTA stop, on the east side of the street. 

Another on DePaul's campus, inside the student quad area near a bunch of bike racks.

Just north of Cuyler on Milwaukee, west side of the street.  It has a nice pump as well!


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