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Hi. Can anyone recommend any bike friendly places to eat relatively close to lakefront bike path? Like within a mile? Thank you.

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The lakefront path is a non-specific since it goes from 65th street on the side side up to hollywood on the north side.  Did you have any particular areas in mind?  

Hi. Anywhere along the path. I start at Hollywood and go south. There is a great place Waterfront cafe on Granville east of Sheridan road. Outdoor seating so you can keep eye on your bike. Also Osmium Coffee Bar on Belmont just west of Sheffield will let you bring your bike around back great place great coffee.

What do you expect from "bike friendly"?

On the northern side (north of the loop), I don't know any that will allow you to bring your bike into the restaurants, but they offer plenty of bike racks right in front or within close proximity of the restaurants.

I'm sure if you really forgot your lock, some of them will let you bring it in. Just not a standard practice for most of these places.

Looks great. Thanks!

After you've finished there peak around the corner to the Chicago Women's Park and Gardens that contains one of the oldest homes in Chicago.

Awsome. Thanks.

Thre are 4 on the north side, Berger park, Hollywood beach, The dock's at Montrose and Oak street
I would avoid the north ave boat, it's more a daytime night club than anything.


The zoo has a restaurant,North pond is a swanky spot, there's the Italian kinda burger spot by the Diversey golf range...basically any spot East of Halsted is a mike from the LFP.

"The Docks" restaurant at Montrose Beach and Clock Tower Cafe at Addison (next to the Marovitz Golf Course) are both good options on the Northside of the path. I've personally eaten at both several times and have no complaints. Cafe Brauer at the Zoo in the heart of Lincoln Park is also a great option, but a few blocks west of the path.

Check out Calumet Fisheries on the South Side for amazing smoked fish. It is on 95th on the edge of the Calumet River. All seating is out doors (a couple picnic tables) and bike racks are adjacent. 


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