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It's been awhile since this was asked. 

Where would you go for a bike fitting?

So far I've got...

Trek: $130-$260

BFF: $150
Element: $200

VeloSmith: $325

Get a Grip: $325

I am more financially comfortable at less than $200

Anyone else I am missing?

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Element is where I would recommend.

You're not going to get a truly good bike fit under 200 in my opinion.

Also be aware if you are getting fit on a fit machine or your bike and if it is static measurement or a 3D motion capture.

There is a big difference between a person who has fit knowledge taking some measurements off of you on a trainer and an experienced fitter helping determine your level of flexibility and really looking at you on a bike in motion and finding out what works for your body specifically.

What matters more than price is the rapport and comfort you feel with the person who will be fitting you not the price.  If the person fitting you dismisses your discomfort because 'that's how it's supposed to be.' you're probably getting a shit fit.  That said, also expect a little bit of adjustment to your new fit if you make big changes or are switching styles of bike.

I do not disagree with you re: cost. But I am on a tight budget due to some renewed financial goals and I am trying to make the best of all scenarios.

I currently ride an All City Mr Pink (52). It's either not the proper size or the geometry is too aggressive. I love my bike -- but on long distance rides (50+ miles), the lower back pain is horrific to the point of dismounting and laying down for a minute. I have had multiple minor adjustments (seat height, stem, bar height) to no remedy.

Just looking at your profile picture you definitely have some sizing and fit issues.

Another you'll want to add to the list is Steven from Tailwind Cycles. I also found him very helpful in talking through my questions.


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