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Any recommendations on a carrier for your dog?  I'm thinking of buying one for my dog's adoption day present.  I want to go on longer rides and bring him along.  Also, I'd love to photograph anyone that bikes with their dog!





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Great for older pets or those with joint problems
Constructed from rugged 600d polyester with waterproof floorboard, on a steel frame.
Front door includes zippered mesh screen layer and a zippered vinyl windscreen layer to block wind and weather
Multiple storage pockets
Removable, washable soft cushion
Rear loading door with zipper
Adjustable safety leash keeps pets secure while riding
Assembles quickly and folds down easily for storage
Includes universal bicycle hitch
Wide wheel base for a stable ride
Sits low to the ground for easy entry and exit from the rear
20” air-filled tires
Cabin dimensions: 33” x 22” x 26”
Full dimensions with wheels and towbar extended: 55” x 33” x 33”
For pets up to 110 lbs
Weight of trailer: 36 lbs
Color: blue
Not intended for human passengers.

OMG OMG I just emailed to Craigslist person.  It would be great for my dogs adoption day on April 20th
The springer looks interesting.  I think it would work on my dog.

Melanie said:
The Walky Dog looks very cool. I was wondering if anyone has used a  "Springer" as it is similar, but a bit different from the Walky Dog. It also costs quite a bit more.  We are also planning on training our dog to travel in the child bike trailer we have, as the pet specific trailers are, in my opinion, way too expensive (esp. if you have a large or even medium-large dog) and I believe a child trailer can be modified to do the same job.

I have covered the subject on small dogs and Todd Allen has added advice for larger dogs on my website:


I would like to add to my "dogsonbicycles" emailing list anybody who wants occasional postings of cute stuff about dogs like this one last night:

It's about a two legged dog with two wheels.

Just send your e-mail address to me at and say you want to be on my list.  

I will also let you know if I schedule a ride for people who ride with their dogs.  

You can shop pet bicycle carriers on Amazon. I had a basket put on my handlebars then set the pet carrier inside it. 



Hey Martha,


I'm late to this discussion, but a few years ago when I went car-free, I bought a wonderful DoggyRide trailer ( for about $350 and was super impressed with everything about it, but my scaredy-cat dog was so not into it. I have since tried in the warm seasons to get her trained to like it (by going to the beach, dog parks, friends' houses) - and will do that again - but for the most part it's been a struggle to get her comfortable enough with it to use it as much as I would like. That said, this summer I hope to take her out more and you'd be welcome to photograph us!



Resurrecting this thread to ask if anyone has firsthand experience with the Croozer or Burley Bee trailers. I'd like to buy from REI in case our 45lb. dog isn't a fan. The Croozer doesn't seem to be as well made, but I like that it's intended for dogs. We have a car harness that could work with the Burley system and keep her in place, but I'm not sure the floor of it is durable enough. 

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

I finally had the opportunity to bring Lily out on my bike using a K-9 backpack last weekend when we had an Open Streets DC event with 3 car-free miles. It took some time - I used it to take her on a few walks first to get her used to it. She's a little squirmy so I may just stick to open streets events until I have a little more confidence with her. 

oh my gosh!!! Those two are some of the cutest bike doggos! Do they enjoy the ride?

The fuzzier one likes it more, she gets really excited when she see's me putting it on. The other isn't as excited, but seems to like it once we get moving. 

It looks like this is fairly out of date, and recently come back to life, but if you have a small dog, I like the Timbuk2 Muttmover backpack. It has a clip to keep her from jumping out, but she likes to stick her head out the side while we ride. Like Yasmeen said, it takes a bit of getting used to their movement on your back, but I don't even notice any more. The first few rides were weird, though.


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