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I was riding Milwaukee this morning around 8:40 and passed a fire engine on the west side. Looked like they were tending to a cyclist on the sidewalk, and another cyclist with a Divvy was there. They were holding something against the cyclist's head (cyclist was sitting up at least). Ambulance was coming northbound after I passed.

This was a few blocks south of Damen.

Anyone have any details?

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From Police News Affairs:

"Traffic Accident - Serious Personal Injury Accident (Non Hit And Run)

August 6, 2019, approx. 8:36am - 1500 block of N. Milwaukee Ave

Unit #2 - Male, 26, victim (bicyclist) was struck by Unit # 1 - female, 24, offender when Unit 1 was traveling southeast on Milwaukee.  Unit #1 began to turn right on Honore and struck Unit 2.  Unit 1 says Unit 2 was in her blind spot.  Unit 2 was transported to Stroger Hospital.  Area North Investigating."

Another SMIDSY...

The universal get out of jail excuse:

"I didn't see him, he came out of nowhere!"

"Oh, okay. Never mind then."

FFS. There should be no blind spot. If the mirrors are set correctly, there should be a continuous view from the rearview mirror to the side mirror.

Not to mention that unless Milwaukee was backed up, there's a decent chance she overtook him at some point while driving and should have known he was there.  

That is not actually possible...


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