It looked like a cyclist was killed this morning around 11am at Logan and Western by where Tyler's ghost bike is. Does anyone have any information on the crash?

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How did it look like this?
There was a mangled bike and a body on the ground covered by a sheet. I'm no doctor but I'd say the victim was dead.
That's a horrible intersection. So sad.

We drove by minutes after the crash, and  I saw a person laying on ground, covered with a blanket/coat?? and several people were standing around -- they looked shocked. And, one person kneeling next to the person on the ground. Emergency crews were not on the scene yet.


It also appeared that one car had rear-ended another car. After we past, I glanced in my mirror and that is when I saw the mangled bike.


Can not get it out of my mind. I hope the cyclist is okay, but the faces of those standing there are haunting me.

Very sad news.


I couldn't find anything on the Trib or Sun-Times web sites, but there are lots of fluff pieces. Looks like most of their reporters are taking the day off.

Passed by that accident yesterday with my three year old. I didn't see any bodies, but crews were already on scene. Thankful that the person was taken by the time I passed by (around 11:15-11:30ish?). I hope the cyclist is okay. We always walk the bike through the crosswalks in that intersection - one too many close calls there (sheet metal slid off of a truck and almost flew into me once when I had the kiddo with).
I'm still not seeing anything in the news about this so hopefully the cyclist is pulling through.
I agree with Howard on this.  Plenty of serious incidents slip through the cracks and never get any media coverage.

That must be a really bad intersection.  I actually met Tyler's Mom last year up here in Minneapolis (on business).  Sounds like they need to post some signs.  I'm always skittish around expressway and interstate exit and entrance ramps.


Anyone learn more?  I didn't see any mention on the standard media outlets.

Hate that intersection. It doesn't matter which direction I'm going on Logan, it's harrowing. I hope that cyclist is okay...



I got hit by a car at this intersection 5 years ago. The driver refused to yield to oncoming traffic while making a left turn.


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