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Does anyone have experience working with companies like Postmates and UberEats, ect as a bike deliverer?

I applied for Postmates to get some extra income, and was wondering if anyone had any tips or experiences to share, or if they preferred another company.

Thanks :)

(hopefully this is an ok forum grouping to post this in)

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This piece has some info about the current state of the courier biz:


I've been doing uber bike delivery now for a couple months.  Here are a few details of my experience.

As far as convenience:  you apply and do the basic 30 minute information session, then you are good (if you have an insulated bag, bring it with you. otherwise they force you to buy theirs for 10 bucks).  You have an app and go on or off at any time. No commitments or shifts or anything.  

Pay:  In my experience, it really only pays to work the promo shifts (pretty much always 11:30 to 1:30 and 5:30 to 9:00 every day). During these, you will get 13 to 15 bucks an hour, sometimes more if there is bad weather, a promo, sports event, etc.  If you are working outside of the promo periods, you will get 4 or 5 bucks a trip, which could be okay except there are always going to be issues that affect your rate of delivery (half hour wait at a restaurant, can't deliver a package, etc.).  I busted ass for about 8 bucks an hour before I realized that non-promo times weren't worth it.  You also occasionally get tips (not often).

I haven't done postmates but I've heard the money from uber is better (at least for the time being while uber attempts to eliminate the competition).

The areas you are in matter quite a bit:  downtown and river north and lincoln park and lakeview are big, other places not so much. So when a delivery takes you away from those areas you often have to head back to where you came from in order to get another delivery (thus ruining your income if not during a promo period).

Overall it's a great way to try bike delivery without much commitment or fear of breaking into the old school bike courier thing, which I was always kind of curious about but a little too intimidated to try.  I don't have any warm feelings for uber as a company, but I'll admit it feels good to move stuff around the city that otherwise would be moved by car.

Also, if you do try it, make sure to get the 100 buck referral bonus (I didn't and regretted it).  If you don't know anyone else who does ubereats you can also use my code ( H3ZXTJ44UE ) -  we would both get 100 bucks :) 

Thanks for all this info. If I do decide to try out UberEats, I'll be sure to use your promo code. :)


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