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"CBS News Footage Shows Cab Driver Had A Red Light At Time of Collision With Chicago Bicyclist"

While filming a news story about train delays at Union Station, CBS 2 News in Chicago inadvertently captured a bicycle crash between a cab driver and a Chicago bicyclist at the intersection of Canal Street and West Adams Street on Friday, February 25, 2017. CBS 2 later ran a segment on the ten o'clock news and online entitled "Anatomy Of A Bike Crash: Who's At Fault?" Just prior to the collision, the bicyclist was riding northbound on Canal Street and the cab driver was driving westbound on Adams Street. The segment showed the crash video in real time which, like most crashes, happened unexpectedly and suddenly. Keating Law Offices has been retained by the bicyclist to represent him in this matter.

Initially, the video seemed to suggest that the bicyclist may have entered the intersection on a red light while the westbound cab driver had a green light. However, a closer analysis of the video and a site investigation by Keating Law Offices of the timing sequence of the traffic signals shows that at the moment of the impact the bicyclist had a green light and pedestrians had a "Walk" signal on Adams Street. The video correspondingly demonstrates that at the moment of impact the westbound cab driver had a red light at Canal Street.

The CBS video starts at 00:57 and runs in descending order to 00:00. Below is an image from the CBS footage (00:54) of the bicyclist in the intersection of Canal Street and Adams Street just prior to the impact. The cab is in the background but is obscured by CBS reporter in the foreground in this image.

See video and complete article.

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Thanks for the links

contact the cab company directly, with all the specific information. 

photos help. 

Also, talk about this driver being a LIABILITY to the company. A reckless driver is going to create problems for their company.

Thanks for the advice

how can that cabbie drive without license?

that's exactly the problem. There should be an investigation into this cab company, for one to see why there was a breakdown with this driver but also to see if there are any other (or have been others in recent years) that were driving without licenses. Heavy fines for allowing this to happen!


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