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First, a reminder to anyone who couldn't make the meeting a few weeks ago; here's your chance to add your voice!

Meeting Time: July 30, 12pm-1pm

To sign into the meeting, please click the following link or enter the following URL into your browser: We recommend to sign in a few minutes prior to noon so that you can familiarize yourself with the webinar program beforehand.

Second, is anyone able to record it or get a copy of what will be discussed? I have a last-minute meeting that just was set for noon (argh!), and I don't want to miss it! I'll be sure to jump on as soon as I can, provided this isn't a long meeting!


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I attempted to join this, but my office computer only has flash installed and since I don't have admin controls I couldn't download vs. 11 or higher required for viewing.  It would've been nice if the email with the instructions had included a note that version 11 of flash would be required prior to my attempting to log on and getting no where fast.  Did anyone log on? 

I logged on during my lunch. There were a lot of good comments offered.

Was the webinar any different than the presentation at the Thompson Center the other week?


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