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What's in your stable? What is the bicycle you ride for commutes? And why do you like it?

Pics of mine later...

Felt York fixed gear

Diamond Back Hanjoo cyclocross

Surly Pugsley

Soon... Surly Cross Check. 

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Karate Monkey?


I currently have just two bikes in my stable. My main ride is a 2013 Fuji Absolute 1.4. My other bike is a Giant Sedona that I use on my trainer (although, it was pressed into "emergency" service for a couple of days back in early May when my Fuji was in the shop being tuned up).

I'm going to be working on the N+1 thing soon to add a (possibly fat tire) bike for winter / snow riding.


This Schwinn Mirada - Craigslist ad. Heavy but very durable. I have already cleaned it up. I was thinking of taking it to the powder coater... perhaps next year. 

For now, I will turn it to a single speed machine for commuting. 

The fleet  as I prefer to call it (as I hate the use of "stable" when referring to a collection of bicycles) in order of preference:

1986/87 Litespeed (titanium)

-I hope to ride this bike until I can ride no more. I am at least its third owner. The woman who sold it to me had suffered a debilitating injury to her Achilles, which after surgery and rehab she found that she couldn't really enjoy it without pain even riding it simply in a stationary setup. I paid $1,000, which I felt was fair, while she admitted she was more interested in selling it to someone who really ride it hard and take pleasure in it vs. selling it to the very highest bidder.

--Stealthy and sexy (in a mature fashion.)

---Setup inherited with just one ring (42T) up front and a 10 speed cassette. After two years of being my main girl, it's probably time for some upgrading, though I am not really interesting in losing downtube shifting. 

2003 Colnago B-Stay Dream (aluminum/carbon)

-A reward to myself for hitting the 10,000 mile mark last season.

--Fastest bike in the fleet.

---Too flashy to use as a "commuter" or lock up without my eyes on it.

1987 Peugeot Cologne (Reynolds 531 steel)

-Limited edition for the German market, only built for maybe two years.

--Picked up for only $298 off of Craigslist from an "older" avid cyclist who had bought it for his wife, but she didn't love it. I remember when he told me how old he was -- I would have sworn he was at least a decade younger. Cycling is the secret.

1998 Bianchi Veloce (steel)

-A product of a lust for celeste.

1996 Kona Hot mtb (steel)

-Only bike in the fleet in which I bought new.

--Used during my career as a bike messenger.

---Launched my cycling comeback in 2014 with this steady Eddie.

1990s Dean custom-built cyclocross (aluminum)

-A little too small for my liking, but I couldn't pass on a deal ($250.) The woman who sold it was "thinning the herd", and since she had moved/transferred from the NorthWest she was no longer riding cyclocross competitively. She shared that she had enjoyed some success with this bike.  

1988 Cannondale Black Lightning (aluminum)

-awaiting restoration

This hierarchy, as presented, is not without some degree of second-guessing on my own part. Like really, it's absolutely ridiculous that the Bianchi can't even grab a place on the podium!

I forgot

1989/1991 Quattro Assi (aluminum)

-Picked this up last spring off of Craigslist (definitely a n+1.) It became my first string quarterback while the Litespeed spent months in recovery from a car crash. It was sneaky fast, trashy flash (gold anodized aluminum), and retired when a crack in the seat tube developed. It is time to examine its organ donor card (Dura Ace rear derailleur, Campy Chorus crank, Shimano 105 brakes) and create another funky Frankenstein.

Quite an impressive collection! 

Rawland cSogn (daily driver, all-rounder)

Kogswell D (parts-bin bike, about to get re-framed with a Rawland Nordavinden)

Vendetta custom (650b conversion)

Raleigh One Way (JRA bike, basket bike)

Bridgestone MB-4 (in pieces; I got this one new)

Bridgestone MB-3 (to ride until I rebuild the MB-4)

Bike Friday New World Tourist (about to be put up for sale)

Brompton (on its way to me, replacing the Bike Friday)

All City Mr Pink

2015 Cervelo R2 (carbon road bike)

- I had only owned metal bikes before this, and I swore I would only own a steel road bike.  That said, this bike rides amazing.  Sure, it won't last 20 years, but then again I'd probably get the itch to buy a new bike before then any way.     

2008 Surly Cross-Check (steel 1x9 commuter)

- Set up as my daily commuter with a rear rack and pannier.  If I had to only own one frame, this would be it, since it pretty much can do it all. 

2008(?) Bianchi San Jose (steel, single-speed townie)

- Single-speed cyclocross-style bike set up as a townie with a front wald basket, swept back bars, platform pedals, and 35mm tires.  The bike I wish I rode more often than I do.

2000 Schwinn Super Sport GL (853 steel road bike)

- Given the splurge on a decent (for me) carbon road bike, this has sadly become the wet-weather/trainer road bike.  That said, 853 steel rides amazingly.  Scored this bike for cheap and upgraded it over time, so hard to let it go, though it should be used more than it is now.  Also serves as a sad reminder that Schwinn use to sell pretty rad bikes.     

2015 Motobecane Fixie Cafe (aluminum fixed gear)

- A cheapish bikes direct aluminum fixed gear frame, set up with riser bars, that lets me run full fenders and 32mm tires in the winter (including studs), and not worry about cleaning it for 4 months.   

This thread is definitely helping assuage the n+1 guilt I feel at home at times. 

"Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?!"


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