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What's in your stable? What is the bicycle you ride for commutes? And why do you like it?

Pics of mine later...

Felt York fixed gear

Diamond Back Hanjoo cyclocross

Surly Pugsley

Soon... Surly Cross Check. 

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I've been riding a Soma Double Cross lately.  Before that an old Cannondale touring bike and a Trek 400.  They are all pretty similar.  I like the ability to run various tire sizes and racks.

Boulder All Road

Fenders, generator lights, 650b wheels with 42mm tires, front rack and a handlebar bag. At this point the only other bike that I'm interested in would be a J.P.Weigle.

Similar to this? Looks nice!

No pics right now, but mine is lugged with a level top tube in "English Blue".

Fresh from the photo journalist


Yeah, i'd like a J.P.Weigle, too, but i don't have $10K laying about doing nothing at the moment.

The Boulder looks like it'd do the job just nice. Was that custom or off the rack?

Kinda semi custom. We hashed things out about TT length and I decided ST angle and length. If I did it again I'd probably go another cm or two on ST length, but I went with the extended HT to make up some height up front.

Also went with center pull instead of the cantilevers and am happy I did. There was an upcharge to have the center pull braze on's installed and he wants the brakes and rack(both Compass) bought through him to be fitted by Waterford. Don't know how that would work if Mafac Raids were already owned.

I been real happy with it, to the point that I don't ride anything else much anymore. In my mind it's everything that a bike needs to be, including affordable. 

Nice! I've admired these but I didn't know there were any local.

Nice! I've admired these but I didn't know there were any local.

Nothing glamorous or costly, all warhorses I picked up over the years on eBay (the Centurion) or Craigslist.  Too much +1ing lately.  In chronological order of deployment:

1996 Trek 730 Multitrack with rack, the old workhorse.  Good for everything.  Running 32s now on some old Open Pros.

1995 Centurion Ironman, upgraded to 7-speed.  Pretty cool old road bike.  Age-inappropriate early 2000s Rolf Vector Comps, 28s, because I wanted the Mavics for the 730.    

1996 Novara Alu-Pro, just recently my first mountain bike.  A weird experiment by REI.  Original Ritchey Alfa-bite and Omega-bite tires, or 32s on the street, 

2000 Trek 7600, with aftermarket flat handlebars.  38s.  Because I'm old and need some comfort.

All were made in America except the Centurion, which was made in Japan for an American company.  Those were days!

One day, when the time comes and if I live that long, I'll make the 730 into a pedal-assisted e-bike.  For my low riding level, I think I'm all set. 

Long live twist grips (and downtube shifters)!


Twist grips! Yes!

The Centurion. I had one... it was boasted and marketed as a triathlon bike back in the day. Thank you for sharing!

Oops, make that a 1986 Ironman.


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