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Hey All,

I'm looking for some advice on "discovering" new routes and such. When I'm planning a new route, I typically spend some time on Google Maps Streetview, and I cross reference to Garmin's Popularity Layer. 

I'm a seasoned city cyclist, but I have my limits on the more wide open roads as I get out of the city. I tend to gravitate to trails, but there's only so many options within reach.

Question: what are the best resources out there for finding new routes? I know there's paid options out there, is it ride with GPS and just browsing everyone's else's hard work? Join a club? Looking for suggestions to make the most out of this year.


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The street.

Go ride around when you don't have a schedule and check out streets, trails, paths and alleys that look like they might be nice riding.

The only way to find the gems is to ride them.

What Doug said. Once I rode to Calumet Fisheries after work with a friend, a route I had done lots of times. She was leading that ride and took us to a couple of places that I had never been. They were barely off my standard route, but were all-new to me. Start with maps and something you’re familiar with, then start looking for what’s nearby that you haven’t seen and go explore it. 


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