So people. Look. Every single day, at some point in my ride to work or from work or for errands or whatever, at least once, a man pulls up behind me, a woman, who is waiting at a light and just assumes, in the absence of other information (for I have been placidly waiting, perhaps, for a while) that I must be slower than he is,

He therefore thinks that he should aggressively pull in front of me or cut me off, because I, a lady, will only get in his way! Shortly, this gentleman and I both find that he actually isn't a faster or stronger rider than I am, and sometimes we discover this whilst, say, going over the river along Damen! Either way, I then have to pass him, which makes things less safe for both of us. Please, dudes. STOP DOING THIS. IT'S RUDE AND YOU'LL FEEL BAD LATER AND YOUR SELF-ESTEEM IS NOT MY PROBLEM.  

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LOL'ing this whole thread.

You came back after two and a half years without comments for this remark?


You stalked my profile so you could posit this reply?


Your profile is one click away, showing up after 2 years to comment here is definitely more effort...

I was wondering if your other comments might illuminate your comment here and saw you had taken a vow of silence... which struck me as pretty funny. Glad i could strike a nerve! Some things in this thread may be tough to swallow for folks on both sides of the argument, but i think it’s admirable that as many have chimed in on it as they have. I don’t see what should be funny, unless your moniker is a ironic trolling handle, in which case the LULZ are on me: you’re welcome.

LOL good morning to the guy who called me a "c***" for passing him in the bike lane entirely safely but only managed to catch up with me because I was already off my bike and had it locked, but then got stuck at the stoplight fifty feet away because he was so slow!

and then, when I yelled, YOU CALLED ME A c*** FOR PASSING YOU, he took on an "easy, crazy lady" tone and said that I was "aggro" and "needed to calm down" & I almost believed I'd misheard when I realized

if someone yells at you in traffic for something you did not do, you get ANGRY. you yell back and then also probably call me something else terrible! you don't have time to tell them to be reasonable! or I guess the other possiblity is you have a lot of time to think when you get stuck for the ENTIRE duration of a stop light on a major street, lolololololol

I was aggro, because he had made me aggro, VERY CUTE.

when you call a woman a c***, there is no way she will mishear you. hissing that at someone who is a woman (or who you think is a woman) has a sibilance that we will recognize. that's why you do it, because you know we'll hear it.

Wow, bike rage! I consider that progress. Maybe not in the most noble way, but it sure beats road rage, just like cyberwars are far better than nuclear wars. 

The city of Copenhagen, considered the bike friendliest city in the world, was far from it 30 years (about 1 generation) ago. In that span of time, the city has reinvented itself, and not just exclusively for the benefit of cyclists, either. I leave it to the reader to validate or counter that assertion. 

Was walking my bike last eve on Clark in Andersonville and 2 guys in a big hurry kept trying to get in front but those other people that live in Chicago and the outdoor seating plus me walking next to my bike taking up more space!!!

Finally one guy sprints ahead and is 10 feet in front, Win!

Guy 2 then follows and now we all wait for the walk signal, but oops they don't know where their going so they take 2 steps then stop I bump the guy with my tire (sorry)

We are across the street and guy 1 busts left and his friend follows but oops again that isn't correct so they both come hustling back weaving and snaking through the 20 people waiting for the bus, next signal...Guy number 2 has to reclaim his spot in front and bumps into my rack then turns around to stare me down.

Pedestrian Shoaling?

I got shoaled yesterday and today - Today's was funny because I was first in line on Adams and Dearborn, and the Divvyshoaler got up right next to me on the opposite lane... and kept creeping up bit by bit. Light turns green and I go, and I look behind me on my left and he also got passed by the three other commuters that were behind me. 

Got to Washington and again, he tried to shoal between the rider behind me and me. I don't get this. 


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