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Photo by Ronit Bezalel

PeopleForBikes is announcing the fifth annual National Bike Challenge which starts on Sunday, May 1.

The Challenge will unite 100,000+ bicycle riders to pedal 75 million miles from May 1, 2016 until September 30, 2016.  It is an online platform, free for everyone to use to log their miles and celebrate riding, while finding inspiration to ride more often. The Challenge brings together tens of thousands of people who bike across the country who share a love of bicycling. 
Be part of The Chainlink team: 
You can automatically log miles on an app such as Strava or Map My Ride so you can easily sync it up so that it automatically updates their miles in the National Bike Challenge. When you log in, you just need to go to Manage Settings (left hand navigation bar) and scroll down to the Apps section to sync Strava.
This is super easy to be a part of it!
2. Ride your Bike!
3. Set up your auto logging of miles or enter your miles every day you ride.
4. Come back to this thread and post pics and your comments about the challenge.
5. Invite your friends to join us for the National Bike Challenge.

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I signed up based on a post I saw in Richard Masoner's Cycleicious blog. Can I still connect to Team Chainlink?

Sure! The more the merrier. :-)

I was looking at the FAQ earlier today and you can only log miles for one team during the challenge. You can go to Your Profile > Manage Groups > and select "Leave team" in the "Your Team is..." card and then join The Chainlink team. Search for "HOW MANY DIFFERENT GROUPS CAN I COMPETE IN FOR THE CHALLENGE?" here for details.

Hi All! Catching up on photos for the week of riding. From Mother's Day to Friday the 13th. :-)

Crazy weather week (as usual) in Chicago but still managed to ride 4 days this week. Have a great weekend and Ride On!

Great pics! I love the flowers in your bag. 

Thanks Yasmeen! They were precious cargo and made it home safely. Have a great day. :-)

I rode yesterday in honor of Hector Avalos whose Ghost Bike is on Ogden Ave. near Rockwell. I wasn't able to make the Ride of Silence this year due to a work commitment, but paid my respects to Hector on my way in to work and back home. I often feel his spirit as I ride by his memorial. Peace and comfort to his family.

Frank, thanks for sharing your visit and the pictures. 

Yasmeen, Honored. Thanks.

Gene Tenner was kind enough to give us his tickets to Bike the Drive. The tickets (one each) are free to the first two people from our team that contact me at

That was fast! Both tickets are spoken for. Thanks for the quick response!

Finally logging those miles for the Chainlink :)


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