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PeopleForBikes is announcing the fifth annual National Bike Challenge which starts on Sunday, May 1.

The Challenge will unite 100,000+ bicycle riders to pedal 75 million miles from May 1, 2016 until September 30, 2016.  It is an online platform, free for everyone to use to log their miles and celebrate riding, while finding inspiration to ride more often. The Challenge brings together tens of thousands of people who bike across the country who share a love of bicycling. 
Be part of The Chainlink team: 
You can automatically log miles on an app such as Strava or Map My Ride so you can easily sync it up so that it automatically updates their miles in the National Bike Challenge. When you log in, you just need to go to Manage Settings (left hand navigation bar) and scroll down to the Apps section to sync Strava.
This is super easy to be a part of it!
2. Ride your Bike!
3. Set up your auto logging of miles or enter your miles every day you ride.
4. Come back to this thread and post pics and your comments about the challenge.
5. Invite your friends to join us for the National Bike Challenge.

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OK. I searched and found the Chainlink, and joined the team. I'm still, however, a member of "Friends of Cycling Elk Grove (FCEG)," which evidently is not a team, but rather an "Advocacy Challenge." So, maybe I never was on a "team" in the first place. Sorry I missed out on the t-shirt, but at least I am now on the team. Further, I see that I am in 16th place on the Chainlink leader board. An improvement compared my 97th position on the FCEG leaderboard. Glad to be aboard.

In case anyone else is as confused as I am with being affiliated with the Friends of Cycling Elk Grove advocacy challenge... I contacted the National Bike Challenge about it and they let me know that riders are automatically added to an advocacy challenge by zip code. I've asked that they look into adding an opt in/opt out option for the advocacy challenge. It's not that I have anything against the Friends of Cycling in Elk Grove, it just seems odd that it wasn't a choice to become affiliated with the group and odd that Elk Grove is able to claim Evanston and perhaps other Chicago area riders in their challenge. 

Yesterday I went up to Kettle Moraine South and did the perimeter ride (I have a book of rides in Wisconsin). It was my third time doing this ride. The hills seem a little easier. 

Wearing my Chainlink kit :-)

Passed these beautiful Holsteins grazing near the road. 

I hope those weren't ear buds for you to listen to music while riding.  That's a cycling hazard. :->

I listen in one ear with the music not that loud (I tuck the other earbud in my jersey). It helps with cadence and keeps me company.

So glad to see everyone joining the team. It's inspiring to see everyone logging their miles, seeing your pics, and seeing all of the enthusiastic posts.

SO, t-shirts! Team Chainlink is killing it and I really want to get as many people t-shirts as possible. If I can forgo shipping the shirts, that will keep the costs way down. Would people be up for a meet-up on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in Chicago? 

Remember, if you haven't sent me your t-shirt size, please drop me an email at


I could do Saturday afternoon. It would be fun to meet some of you folks in person as well!

Probably can't make a ride in Chicago this Sat or Sun afternoon, but will keep an eye on this thread. If a ride comes together, I'll see... I'll be riding back and forth to kids' soccer practice up in Evanston Saturday afternoon if that sounds like where everyone wants to ride to :)

You guys should use the Ride of Silence next Wednesday for t-shirt distribution since majority of peeps will attend the ride.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the t-shirts won't be ready for the ride. Fai, have you joined our team for the challenge? 

I would love to but I am with my club team as we are using NBC to track the 'Most Miles in the Saddle' award presented at the end of the year.  But you can 'follow me' to keep tabs on mileage.  Wish NBC allow for multiple team sign up.

Oh man, I dropped from 3rd (early on) to 19th. I better get pedaling!



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