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PeopleForBikes is announcing the fifth annual National Bike Challenge which starts on Sunday, May 1.

The Challenge will unite 100,000+ bicycle riders to pedal 75 million miles from May 1, 2016 until September 30, 2016.  It is an online platform, free for everyone to use to log their miles and celebrate riding, while finding inspiration to ride more often. The Challenge brings together tens of thousands of people who bike across the country who share a love of bicycling. 
Be part of The Chainlink team: 
You can automatically log miles on an app such as Strava or Map My Ride so you can easily sync it up so that it automatically updates their miles in the National Bike Challenge. When you log in, you just need to go to Manage Settings (left hand navigation bar) and scroll down to the Apps section to sync Strava.
This is super easy to be a part of it!
2. Ride your Bike!
3. Set up your auto logging of miles or enter your miles every day you ride.
4. Come back to this thread and post pics and your comments about the challenge.
5. Invite your friends to join us for the National Bike Challenge.

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If you log in and go to "manage settings" (on the left side of the screen), and then click on "ride logs" (on the top of the screen), you should be able to modify or delete the rides you have in the system.

I did, several times, but they don't disappear.

BTW, I have sent en email to the administrator to remove them.

I figured it out. That first obvious place doesn't work. But the not-so-obvious way, but explained in FAQ - somewhat) is to go into Log Miles part and you can edit the date you entered and I was able to delete that way.

All is right with the world, now.

196.5 miles in 5 days

Good 55 mile jaunt Friday from Uptown to Bulldog Brewery in Whiting, IN and then a spin around Wolf Lake.  Pic seems appropriate for Mother's Day today.  How the hell are they gonna raise over 2 dozen goslings?

Awww, cute! So many babies!!

Sweet! Glad to have you on the team. :-)

Are we allowed to switch teams? I'm in my fourth year of doing the challenge, but was assigned to a team in my first year. That has not changed. But it would be nice to be able to join the Chainlink team.

You can join a different team. Go to your Manage Settings on the left, and choose My Groups on top, and you can leave the other team and join this one.

Just click on 'manage group' near the bottom of the left hand side.  Click 'leave team' and go to 'search' on the bottom right hand side and type 'the chainlink' in the search field.  Click on the search result and click 'join'.

I'm not finding it. I click on "manage groups," and the options I get all begin with "create new." I see no "leave team" link. If I click on "manage settings," it's all about my personal data, but there is no mention of the team that I am a member of (Friends of Cycling Elk Grove). I do not live in Elk Grove, but was arbitrarily assigned to that team. 

Once you click on "Manage settings" on the left navigation, choose "My Groups" at the top of the page. That will allow you to leave the Elk Grove team for The Chainlink. Does that help? Good luck!

This is what's showing when I searched you.  Friends of the Cycling Elk Grove is your local advocacy challenge group, not your team.






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