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Hello riders!  I know NOTHING about the State of Arkansas.  What is the ride-ability of Little Rock, AR?  What is the terrain, bike community, bike lane situation?  TIA

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Thank you Mike.  I have seen most of this before through the obligatory googling . . . . I was not sure if the experts (of everything) on here had any personal experience or judgements about the city that would shed a validated light on the home of the Clintons.  

One of these days I'm going to ride Amtrak to Little Rock and bike to visit some friends near Fayetteville, AK. I assume the terrain is mostly rolling hills, similar to other states on the west bank of the Mississippi like Iowa and Missouri.

I mean that sounds like a blast but IA was not nearly as flat as I had expected while on RAGBRAI

Arkansas is cycling nirvana... seriously it is amazing.  It does have quite a bit of elevation change - nothing crazy insane long, but climbs can get steep.  Especially Northwest Arkansas - the Fayetteville to Bentonville area.  That is our favorite vacation area, as you can literally park the car, and use a bike for where-ever you want to go. If you have a mountain bike, there are hundreds of miles of well groomed trails in NW Arkansas, and they have the paved Razor Back Greenway system - which runs between 3 or 4 cities in NW Arkansas.  As for Little Rock, I haven't been there, but looking at MTB Project, they appear to have some trails which should be good for riding.  



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