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Are you still riding in this weather to work or school? give me a shout

I ride to work everyday and generally stick to the main thoroughfares enroute to downtown...which during the summer are jam packed with cyclists. During drizzly days like today there is a marked reduction in cyclists...probably 70-80% or more. This is a stark contrast to Portland, where this kind of weather occurs all year round and doesnt keep anybody from riding...are we snowmen people? No, were Chicagoans and we're tougher then that, but where are all my brothers and sisters? Its more important now then ever to maintain representation on the road as already drivers are getting more aggressive as they feel 'our season' is over. Give me a shout if you're still riding in this weather as sometimes its easy to feel like the few of us left are the only ones still out there...thanks for the support.

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I got a Patagonia waterproof jacket on their outlet a few years ago. It has a hood that really works, and I can layer underneath depending on temp.

I have gone through 2 pairs of Sierra designs (cheap) rain pants in the same amount of time. They keep me dry, but have not held up like the Patagonia. When I have some money, I plan to upgrade.

Between REI Outlet and Patagonia outlet you can find stuff that is heavily discounted, but not low quality.

Michael M said:
I ride most days. I'm not afraid of cold, but I am scared to death of slippery conditions. I ride to work at about 5:30 am in the west suburbs, and the lighting is poor. Even with a pretty good headlight, its hard to avoid ice spots or wet leaves.
Also, I still need to invest in some raingear. I would appreciate suggestions.
yes - i still ride - i am not going to lie though - some days i am just not up for it - as of ride now i am sick with head cold and debating wither or not to ride to work tonight! I do the best i can - doing better than last year!
I ride everyday. Love riding in the snow. Just not too fond of the ice though, but who is. I did pick up some used studded tires last spring, and I'm going to try them out this year on my mtn bike when the ice hits. I normally ride the road bike with 700c/23 slicks all winter long with no problems.
Still at it in Milwaukee too. I had a woman in my apartment building stare at me as I was leaving yesterday and say "it's messy out there, I applaud you." It seems in general people are starting to respect fall / winter / bad weather riders rather than just thinking they're crazy. :)
yes i'm still riding. theres no other way get around for me. the CTA costs money! and is not entertaining in the least. i'm going to ride no matter the weather- take it as it comes. its better to dress too warm than not warm enough and if u get to hot just zip down and little and let so wind in or dress in layers and take a layer off in your backpack. cycling makes the city the very expressible and I wouln't have it any other way.
The best part about riding in the winter is avoiding the crammed buss or train with loads of snot noses and coughers
rain? whats that? i´m not made out of sugar! we have the same shit weather in germany all the time. i really enjoy a ride in the rain
Got sick of staying in the house and went for a ride last night. I rode in the slop the other night with 50 mile winds, slick leaves, flooded gutters, and drunk motorists. Waterproof bibs, goretex boots, helmet cover, and goretex gloves. It was a decent ride, rode about 60 miles. Had some teenagers look at me like I was nuts. My face was the only item that was cold. Bike was filthy even with fenders. Skided the rear wheel a few times going around street cornors. This year I hope to ride through December. The cold you can get used to and is not that bad if you are dressed for it. It is the motorists you have to worry about since they are not expecting us bikers to be out and about. I do not like ice though even using spiked tires. I use Nokians on my ratt bike and they usual work pretty well. Snow is alot of fun since I picked up a Surely Pugsley the other year. Had this out on the snow and had a blast. The silence of a winter night ride is mind numbing. Almost no sound except for the crunching snow. Get out and keep riding.
All year rider. Nothing stops this engine ;-)
If I'd spend less time at the countries' airports and more time at home, I'd ride into the shop more often. As it is, I ride ALMOST all year. I draw the line at +5F. In my neck of the NW burbs, the roads get pretty bad towards the end of January and I'll park the bikes for a few weeks, but only if we get snow like we did last winter. The roads on my route to work are quite narrow and you can only put so much snow in the ditches before a narrow two lane road becomes a VERY narrow two lane road.
I love riding in this weather. I actually ride much more often in the fall/winter than in the summer because it is more of a hassle to me to have to shower and change when I get to work.

I also agree with earlier comments that one of the benefits of the colder weather is that it brings out the camaraderie among us. I am going to make more of an effort to nod and wave to other riders with icicles on their eyelashes this year.
Northside representing. Snow, rain or sleet won't keep me from riding.


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