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Just wanted to let everyone know (mostly SW Siders) that there will be construction going on on Archer Ave, just west of Halsted on the North side of the street (SW-Bound).

So, please be careful. It will be narrowed down to a single lane, and the drivers are crazy going under the overpass. Accelerating until the next light (because they know that CPD can't sit for a speed-trap).


Just letting y'all know.






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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the heads up. That' the beginning and end of my journey home. 

Any idea what they're doing? They just repaved all of that. 

Hopefully they're completing the bike lane.

You are welcome, Anne.

You too, Gabe.

Gabe - I have no clue, but they have been there for a few days. I mean that the big giant blinking arrow and quite a few of the "saw horses" that have the blinking yellow light are out there.

Not a big obstacle.








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