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Inspired by hearing of a new one opening in Uptown soon, and as an obsessed collector of bike route related datasets, I've just built a map of all area arcades and barcades.  I've been to all of them, so it wasn't too hard.  Figured some of y'all might like.  Feedback/additions/corrections/etc welcome.

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Back in 2012 I did similar for photobooths, then ported it to so you can find the ones nearest you in a single tap:

Arcades is a good candidate for similar porting as a massup layer, eventually.

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I visited and added one more great one: Replay Beer & Bourbon (thanx Marco). I also added several suburban ones I haven't been to yet, and WhirlyBall.
I also added all area mini-golfs (most of which I've been to) and roller skating (all of which are far suburban).

I also added reviews of all the ones I've visited.

The next obvious addition would be bowling, of which there are several.  But I've never been big into that so I drew the line there.  For now this is done (except for visiting HQ River North, and awaiting the opening of the Uptown Arcade, and unforeseen feedback).  Gonna port it to by spring.


Looking forward to visiting Uptown in spring.

Somehow still hasn't jelled, more than a year later.  Their Facebook is an interesting ghosttown:

Thanks for taking the time!

Did a batch of new additions.  Now maps 13 barcades, 7 arcades, 6 mini-golfs and 4 roller rinks.

Oddly, "Uptown Arcade Bar" (was due in "spring") is still empty.

For the record the Headquarters Beercade has (at least did) free games, as in no quarters needed so in the value dpt they are worth the trip.

On the Lakeview one I mention: "Mostly Classic videogames, mostly free." but I don't go there anymore since two occasions when door people were snarky to groups of cyclists I brought. I miss their arty cocktails.  Haven't tried their river north branch.

Replay (3439 N Halsted) is my current fave, mainly because its just blocks away. Almost all theirs are free, even multiplayer Cruising and Simpsons and Turtles and MK.

The Galloping Ghost is a super cool place. :)

Good to hear. I suspected. Haven't been, too far suburban, but from the website it's clearly managed with a passion.

To my memory (I was in the backseat of a packed car) there was a Metra stop not too far away. Worth checking out!

I've added one new barcade (Replay's Andersonville location)

and given this map a better shortcut (BOOKMARK and SHARE!):

Galloping Ghost is an easy and safe bike ride from Oak Park, or the west end of the Pink/Blue/Green lines (about six miles).


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