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Anyone Have details of the Suburban Cyclist that was Airlifted this AM (4/22)

Either my google skills have weakened or there was no coverage.


TV reported it as a child first then changed it to an adult that had to be airlifted from an accident scene.


When they changed it to an adult they never went back to covering it. Was on channel 7.




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The Tribune had it as a man in Roselle, hit by a van at about 6:00 am. No further details on condition.

Thanks Kevin, channel 7 said it was airlift, trib says ambulance.

The traffic reporter on WBEZ this morning reported several times that it was in Roselle on Roselle Road and that it was an airlift.  That was all I heard before I left the house.

Yeesh - maybe the injury was severe enough that the bus wasn't good enough. Yeesh ;-(

Sadly, the Trib now reports that the cyclist ("in his 40s and from Schaumburg") was pronounced dead at Alexian Brothers Hospital.  RIP


Very sorry to hear it.  Wish I had some additional info to share.  My sympathy to the family and friends of the unknown cyclist.

[string of expletives]

Driver eastbound at sunrise . . . .

I am sure you are right about that.  

The sunshine factor occurred to me because it is one of those things that is very difficult for me whether I am on a bike or in a car.  These threads are heart-rending; I always hope to take something constructive for my own and others' safety from the awful event.
Jeff Schneider said:

. . . . .

Whatever the circumstances, I feel certain that neither the cyclist nor the driver wanted anyone to die today.


huh? He definitely would have had a stop sign. Also, I don't know where you are seeing a large number of drivers flat out ignoring stop signs. Not coming to a full and complete stop, maybe, but living in the suburbs I haven't noticed any habitual and blatant ignoring of such signs by anyone. 

I've been on my bike through that intersection on occasion. Given the time of day, I suspect your number 2 was much more accurate although not completely necessary either given visibility at 6:45 with the sun in the worst possible position. 

Whatever the case, I'm glad the driver apparently did the right thing and this didn't turn into a hit&run.

Jeff Schneider said:

1) Driver didn't stop at intersection (I think he had a stop sign) and look both ways before turning on Roselle Rd. - drivers often ignore stop signs when traffic is light, as e.g., early in the morning.


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