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I want to go for a weekend ride - either a long day or preferably 2 days away. Is there anyone else having any plans? I unfortunately cant do the Zion part 2 trip because I'm moving that weekend...


If not, some suggestion on potential places to ride to other than Zion would be appreciated! (Not that it's bad, it's just I've been there already so would love to find something new)

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Yes, join us for the Tour de Tiki - 40 miles of great riding on the paved

Fox River Trail between Aurora and Crystal Lake:


I'll be catching Metra out to Aurora at 12:46 pm Saturday at Western,

just north of 18th, if anyone would like to take the train out there together.


John Greenfield

Ah I want to! sounds fun! Am out of town this weekend though. 


Any other rides? (LOL I always seem to out of town when these cool rides come up)

I'm doing an Easter Sunday right to the Botanic Gardens. It's April 24th. You're wecome to join us. It's here:


Otherwise, you could check out the Tourers group for S24O options. I've been putting together a map with locations for camping overnight. And that might give you some ideas.  The discussion is here:



I just rode up to the Botantical Gardens yesterday and the trail is in great shape, mostly free of branches and newly yellow lined. I didn't see a single cyclist on the ride and only passed two walkers. If you're going to hit North Branch, do it soon. Once we hit 70 it can be pandemonium.



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