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Wondering if anyone did Critical Mass in July or August and, if so, how it was.

The June Critical Mass was criticized on this site and elsewhere for being excessively unruly, poor route selection (not enough turns so the mass got separated more often), etc., not to mention the gun that got pulled at Halsted and Jackson (on top of an earlier altercation I saw, I think on North Ave).

There was some discussion about some of the people who used to "lead" stepping up and reminding people about etiquette, etc., or trying to get CPD to help out as in the past.

Basically, I'm just curious what the experience was like in the two Masses since June. Any anecdotes?

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Leading the Hares this time with a smaller group of about 200 or so more civilized riders. The other half of the mass we met 20 minutes later at the end point. A smaller mass in general. No incident of violent interaction I am aware of.

I missed the August Mass, but July was great. I had a bit of worry about going (I saw the June gun incident) but am gald that I made the July ride after all. It was a very good time and a good "face" for The Mass to put out there into the world.



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