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Going by that pic, that looks to be a very cyclist-averse stretch of road. Very sad.

Kevin Conway said:
How terrible for everyone involved. I cannot imagine hitting someone and killing them.
Arg... sad. Very sad. If there was only profit in bike trails...
And, once again: "Improper Lane Usage".
Doubt that there will be any sizable civil settlement if at all... Driver in his late 80's, probably underinsured.. and if i had to guess the local police were familiar with this guy -fellow local, etc... and held back on the charges.

No settlement will make things right with the families, nor prevent any similar occurrances anywhere else. Sad, sad, sad...

When i hear of these sorts of things involving elderly drivers i can't help but think of my father-in-law who at 93 still drives the back roads of Missouri because out there there's really no other way for him to get around (and a BIG reason i won't be cycling in MO any time soon!) The rural areas are full of elderly, isolated drivers and miles of narrow windy roads. Who's to tell them to stay out from behind the wheel?

Brian Kennedy said:
Yep, he's getting improper lane usage. What the heck? I can only conclude now that it is officially legal to murder anyone in Illinois as long as they are on a bicycle. This defies explanation. I hope they can win a huge civil settlement.
Keep in mind it is not the place of the police to press manslaughter or murder charges, they are to determine what has happened and issue citations. If there are to be further charges it would come through the local district attorney. If in the next few days there are not manslaughter charges filed against this guy then there has been a serious miscarriage of justice.

FWI, the man did not commit murder, murder implies planning and I very much doubt he got into his car with the intent of killing people.

Write to the local DA if you dislike that fact that charges have not been filed.
So how do we get a ghost bike to the middle of nowhere, ass can, south motherfucker, Southern, IL? And do it without getting killed by the shit bird drivers out there?


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