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I haven't heard much talk...maybe I missed it...of the new two-way lanes going in on the east side of Clinton, south of Randolph...From Randolph, looks like is stretches at least a few blocks. The lanes are painted. Looks like some guys were installing new traffic signals today (I'm guessing with bike signals). All near the Ogilvie train station. Looks pretty impressive for the short distance it seems to go.

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Couple of clarifications:
-The Clinton PBl is almost open for business. Bike specific lights have been installed, markings are nearly complete. The PBL will go from Randolph to Jackson and will be bi-directional.
- Upon completion, both the Canal an DePlaines bikelane will be removed, leaving Clinton as the one bike specific route between the river and the Kennedy.
- The Clinton PBL is supposed to go North to Fulton, but somehow I've not seen any activity on that stretch

I have been looking forward to this for years. I ride down Clinton most days and the charter buses that drive on Clinton stress me out more than anything on my commute. The drivers appear to be guys that failed the CTA bus driver exam: incompetent and careless jerks. With the new bikelane, I'll be riding on the east side of the road, avoiding those charter buses completely

That would be nice if it went to Fulton (but yeah, no sign of that least in this phase). Biking north on Jefferson causes some confusion for drivers when trying to bike to the left lane to turn onto Fulton after Lake street. It does look like the new lanes will be nice for those blocks it stretches. I noticed today the northbound lane is wider. Wonder if that's to make up for snow piles they anticipate along the curb? 

I understand that the yellow lines were painted incorrectly last night and will be fixed. They should run down the center of the green paint.

At Ogilvie it looks as though the fix will be accomplished by extending the green paint west into the buffer zone instead of moving the yellow center lines.

Thanks for the update.

Looks like they removed the bike lane striping north of Randolph on Clinton yesterday (for a couple blocks), and moved it to the east side of the street.

As of last night, the yellow center line was still askew by Ogilvie. Also, the lane suddenly ends at Jackson, where the pre-existing lane continues south on the RIGHT side of the street.  I guess we're supposed to teleport across the sea of taxis that revolves the train station at all hours.  Can't just turn left and jog over to Canal, because the southbound lane on Canal doesn't begin until Harrison.



Well...I guess it's sorta-kinda open....with some intersections with bike signals...some not...some vehicles parking on the lanes... Anyone have any idea if it's supposed to open to bikes? Or did someone just forgot to put the barricades in place?

Yesterday I took it north from Washington to Fulton. The bike signal is functional at Washington, but a block north, the barricades are still in place. There were still several people riding on it there (including myself - it's not like there was anywhere else to go from there), but I wouldn't recommend it until all the bike signals are in place. 

I for one am kind of excited about this.  I work near Willis and getting out of the Loop is a disaster.  I've ended up taking Franklin, but of course there's no lane at all near 90/94.  And Halsted might as well not have a bike lane as cars just use it as a turn lane.  This could shave a few minutes off of my commute.

But given that the Franklin bridge is supposedly out today (, it would be a good day to try out Clinton, but as of last week, it wasn't finish all the way to Jackson/Van Buren.  Anyone know if it is done to the south end?

Yes, it's done as far as Jackson, where it abruptly and dangerously ends.


Today, the Chicago Bicycle Program posted on Facebook:  "The two way bike lanes will be extended south to Harrison next summer. For now we have to wait until after the Union Station Transit Center is completed."

Well, it may make sense to wait rather than dig it up again for the construction of the Transit Center (that was the thought by the Clinton Bike Lane Twitter account).  But it did save me a lot of time yesterday.  And gave me protected lanes almost all the way to Elston and North which was fantastic. 

So I'm probably going to figure out how to take it.  (Ride on the sidewalk for a block?)



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