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Any bike bans on metra this weekend because of the draft?

I'm hoping to ride down to Three Floyds on Saturday but don't want to get stuck riding all the way back up to the northwest side. Any word on bike bans on metra electric?

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This is usually where they have the information on bike bans:

Ha! I just read this and was all proud that I may have thought of it before you, even though someone else had posted it.....

Get a room!

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An alternative is CTA bus route 30. You can catch it at Ave O and Brainard, near the Hegewisch South Shore station and Burger King. It will drop you off at the 69th st. Red Line station. It's about as far south and east as you can go and still be in Chicago, I think.

I'm not familiar with the METRA Electric line, but I assume their bike policy is the same as the diesel lines. One possible solution is to take a folding bike: as long as it's in a bag, it's not a bike... it's "luggage", and as such is not subject to any black-out periods at all.


If you ever head back out to Indiana, the South Shore Line, that goes through Indiana and is run by NICTD does not allow bikes on their trains. Yet...hopefully.

South Shore officials said several safety and customer service challenges must be resolved, including that some stations have low-level boarding platforms that make it difficult to hoist bicycles up and through the narrow stairwell entrances on trains.

anyone know if there are usually bike bans on Memorial Day weekend? planning on heading out on Saturday night for the Gravel Metric.


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