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...and you will know me by the awesomness of my wheels.

Some things are just more awesome than others.

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Have fun riding that in a crosswind.

So now we can ask you instead of Sherwin Williams?

You can try but I suspect his answer will just come across as a jumbled, incoherent blur.

Heh. Now I know what to do with those old Pantone swatches I've got around here somewhere!

Spoke cards from the Paint Manufacturers Convention Bike Ride in New York

what do this look like at speed?  brown?  :)

Gray, when you mix leftover paints you usually get gray.

You get the rarely seen color called Awesome, it usually exists beyond the wavelengths detectable by the human eye.

To infinity and beyond! Sure beats my clunky old flux capacitor and my Mr. Fusion external power supply.

no brakes, no brains!

I like it, but I was looking for something a little more eye catching. Gotta admit though, it's pretty much theft proof.


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