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Hey everyone!
So, everyone should check out: for the REAL mythical frozen century (thanks for the heads up!)

Sadly, I no longer live in Chicago and won't be able to attend, so I am offering an earlier-in-the-winter alternative, which will share the same spirit as the frozen snot century.

This ride is from Chicago to Milwaukee (date TBD by the schedule of those who want in sometime between Dec 26-Jan 1) ending at the famous Palomino bar (cyclist and vegan friendly with a wide assortment of beers and tasty fried foods to warm us after our cold wanderings through the frozen midwest winterscape.)

We will then toss our bikes on amtrak for the train ride back to Chicago.

If Smash and other Milwaukee cyclists can find enough room we might even be able to crash in MKE and ride back the next day with our MKE hosts, how the frozen century was MEANT to be done!

Many of you have done this ride with me already and know it's a great route--flat, fast on mostly rural roads, and that the Palomino can't be beat (one of the best bars in the Midwest if you ask me)

So who would be interested? I will poll those of you who are via e-mail to nail down the date!

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I believe John Greenfield is the original and still active organizer of the FSC, and it looks like he's already set a date for Feb. 27:
I'm interested. I'm craving a good century and the ride to Milwaukee is great. I actually let some dudes from this band couch surf my apartment last year. So, depending on the circumstances, I too might be able to hook up more sleeping space.
Hey chris- I'm down for this depending on the date. Are you in Boston these days or what?


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