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I've been close to installing my window units several times now, but then we cool off and things are reasonably bearable again with windows and a box fan.  Looks like we're supposed to get back down into the 70s in a few days . . .

Who all's getting by without AC, and who plans to do so through the summer?

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Last night was a bit tough.... tonight is not going to be easy.

still getting by without it.

If I have to answer in some sort of environment court for having put both my units in just now, I'll plead 'temporary insanity.'

If the air got any thicker, we would need gills.  I am pretty sure that there are few people in Chicago who could even think of finding you guilty right now.

;)  That's about right.

In the swampy air we've had, I wouldn't consider it insanity at all. I would call it survival.

Interesting...I found it not so bad last night. Though maybe the heat/humidity is why I struggled to sleep comfortably on Sunday night.

Edit...meant to be responding to Lisa's post.

Last year we moved and found that our window units didn't really fit right in the windows of our new apartment, so we gave them away--last summer was so mild that it didn't seem like a big deal. Yesterday's humidity had me second-guessing that decision

If they're too small, you can always cut a few pieces of wood, and then seal with painters 60-day tape.  I put mine in last weekend, didn't run them that much until yesterday.  98% humidity is the deal killer for me. I'm fine in the heat, but that dew point. 

I've spent the majority of my home life without AC, including the last five or six years and plan to continue that trend this year.

Last night we had a super nice cool breeze all night pretty much.

One of the many bad things about AC is that we become less aware of what's going on outside - not just climate wise, but in terms of the sounds of the city or country or where-ever you happen to be. I'll admit that that is not always a bad thing. When the neighbors are having a garage "party" playing loud and mostly terrible music I sometimes find myself wishing for a loud AC window unit. But the vast majority of the time, the sounds from outside are super pleasant - kids playing, the distant el, birds singing etc. 

Same here. I prefer not to use it unless heat/humidity become so oppressive that I feel miserable and can't sleep well.  I'd much rather hear the birds outside our windows.

Agreed with both Tony and Anne. :)


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