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I've been close to installing my window units several times now, but then we cool off and things are reasonably bearable again with windows and a box fan.  Looks like we're supposed to get back down into the 70s in a few days . . .

Who all's getting by without AC, and who plans to do so through the summer?

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ceiling fans are the eighth wonder of the modern world; but I, also; live in a garden-unit apartment and the ceilings are too low for the fans. Next apartment!

We've run the A/C a few days so far, but it's mostly been fans and open windows. We've already had 90 degree days. Many of my friends on the north side (within a few miles of the lake) haven't.

Live next to the lake and it's about twenty degrees cooler so far this year.

On days when it's 90+ in Beverly, I miss my old place in Rogers Park (1/2 mi from the lake). In the flipside, on those really raw foggy days in spring when you guys desperately wanted to see sun, it was lovely in our yard. It's always a trade-off. ;)

Tricolor said:

Live next to the lake and it's about twenty degrees cooler so far this year.

Still getting by without, although this past weekend and especially last night wasn't easy (with the added discomfort of a throat/ear/sinus infection.)

I turned mine on for a few hours on Monday.  It wasn't hot but I was washing up all my camping gear after a week in the woods and adding a lot of moisture to my condo in the process.  Spilling a half gallon of water on the floor when I was cleaning my camp cooler didn't help, so I turned on the AC because the floor just wasn't drying in the kitchen.

A/C is cheaper than mold remediation. 

We recently moved and found (4!) a/c units in the new place that the previous owners left behind. Brings our total up to (6) and I haven't installed any of them yet. Maybe in the bedrooms if it gets too sticky, but the fans and lake breezes are fine for now.

I live in a garden apartment with part of the condo below ground. The ground must still be cold, because I have yet to use my two air conditioners that I purchased last year and only used twice.

We turned our a.c. on for a few hours yesterday, but have not used it this summer otherwise. We have ceiling fans in most rooms, as well as a whole house fan that is well nigh miraculous for pulling the cool evening air in at night.

second summer in row with no AC.... thank god for north and south facing windows and living in RP seems to be very cool up here.

It's always cooler by the lake.  So far I've run the AC once, but we've also had great weather this year.

Haven't even contemplated turning on the a/c on the first floor of Noble Square this summer. A fan by the bed helps a lot on warmer nights.

Moving to second floor in August so we'll see then. :)


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