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Passenger in this Honda threatened to shoot me -- I was on a Divvy -- if I didn't get my "stupid ass out the way". Didn't get a pic of him when he exited car -- he ran back to it when I pulled camera out -- but a witness gave chase, then saw me a block away and told me where to find them... waiting to pick up children at Armor School. Jesus..Should I report to 911?

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"... is welcome to safely express her opinion here." ??? Isn't that exactly what happened? Or did I miss something where  clp was "bullied" because of her assessment of her neighbors' "decency"?

So, we got a guy who assaults a cyclist who he is amicable with for many years and gets a pass... I wonder how this guy treats cyclists he doesn't know on the road? The community would be better served if he had been reported. That's my opinion.

I agree with you. Threats should be reported to start a record. That is the choice of the person receiving the threat. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with her choice, I'm saying it is her choice to make. 

I also think there could be other factors that may or may not have been informed the choice that was made. 

I agree with Yasmeen here. It's not always what they deserve but what you deserve as well.

Perhaps the best defense is folks posting videos of offenders in the act. If you can afford a bike video camera it might help the community as well as yourself at some point. When people realize the whole world is looking (at all times) perhaps the road rage will come down a notch.

Opted to not call 911, but considerin a report. Guns and threat of using one -- should not be taken with a grain of salt.

It's interesting how people behave in different situations. A good friend of mine, who is one of the nicest people I know, turns into Mr. Hyde when he gets behind the wheel of his car. But put the same guy, traveling to the same destination via public transportation and he's still Dr. Jekyll. Why? I think it has a lot to do with personal space and the perception of power. When sitting in, and especially when driving your own vehicle, the sense of power, control and sheltered detachment can evince a much different perspective.

I've felt this way myself, particularly when I'm piloting my BMW G12 while listening to Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone at full volume. Those smug and self possessed hipsters on their dorky looking Divvy bikes just ruin my day. It takes all the self disciple I can muster to suppress the urge to flip them off. I wish I had some button on my dashboard that I could just push to make them go away. 

This is why I give wide berth to all UDM's when riding my bike, unless, of course, I'm riding my obnoxiously loud Hog (Betsy), but that's a completely different scenario, not relevant to this discussion. 

Joe, I didn't know you were a Kenny Loggins' fan also! "Highway to the danger zone!"

Kenny rules. But I've often wondered about our lord savior. Did he ever get an ear worm? What went through his mind when he wasn't saving humanity? What kind of car would he drive? The truth is out there....

LOL ! Thanks Joe, I needed that laugh !

Well, I probably should have saved it until Easter.

Yes, all instances of threatening murder should be reported



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