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Passenger in this Honda threatened to shoot me -- I was on a Divvy -- if I didn't get my "stupid ass out the way". Didn't get a pic of him when he exited car -- he ran back to it when I pulled camera out -- but a witness gave chase, then saw me a block away and told me where to find them... waiting to pick up children at Armor School. Jesus..Should I report to 911?

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I'm so sorry this happened to you. How horrible and terrifying. 

I had a couple of teenagers on their way to school drive up next to me in the bike lane as a joke, forcing me towards the parked cars. They eventually turned off when they reached their high school. I regretted not following them and reporting the behavior because they thought it was hilarious and they could have killed me. 

You should report it, but don't expect much. I've had a CTA bus driver intentionally accelerate toward me from a complete stop (in the bike lane) because I took a picture of his run number, and I've had a woman stop and exit her car to threaten to kill me (after waiting until we were both passing a large truck double-parked in the right lane, which boxed me in so I had no avenue of escape) and in both cases the police refused even to take a report. This was true even though in the first case I captured the driver's attempt to run me over in photographs and in the second case the woman actually admitted making these threats to the police.

On the evidence, the CPD considers car ownership a license to attack or threaten anyone not in a car, intentionally or otherwise, for any or no reason, at any time, full stop. They will not prosecute unless you die, and then the chances are overwhelming that they still won't prosecute.

Yes, report it. Even if they don't respond well to your report, if nobody ever reports this sort of threatening behavior, the police will have no chance to figure out that it's a problem.

Agree. I actually had a good response from CPD after a driver exited his car and threatened to kill me, although not much came of the complaint in the end. But I figure at least it's on record in the event the guy does the same, or worse, to another bicyclist.

Agree 100%. I've had police also tell me to report things for the same reason.

I would call 911 immediately.

If you haven't already, call the police. You can call 311 and if they think it rises to the level of an emergency, they'll pass you along to Office of Emergency Management Control. 

Really, clp? You regard your neighbor as 'decent' after he assaulted you for being in 'his' way while you were cycling? Don't you want to be respected by drivers and treated seriously as 'traffic' and not accept being the victim? I know we are all vulnerable as cyclists when we are on the road but aren't you only perpetuating this culture among drivers by not even raising your voice and demanding respect and acceptance?

Everyone has their own point of view just as clp has hers.  I understand her reaction because I've been careful to protect myself and not further escalate a situation when someone has an issue with their temper and/or yells at me.

Advice from Bicycling Magazine, "No good comes from engaging with road rage."

"Raising your voice and demanding respect" is not a way to get acceptance and respect, it is a response that could put you in danger.

If you call the police because your neighbor is yelling at you, there's also the issue of potential fallout.  Will that person be charged? I don't know that it is that straight-forward. Ideally, we should be able to call police and not worry about being put in more danger but is that 100% realistic?

I think this is about picking your battles and being safe. 

I understand that everyone has their point of view, but I don't understand why clp would still perceive her neighbor as decent after he assaulted her. Yes, be safe but don't say that the guy is decent when he's a agro jerk.

If they have been "amicable for many years", she made a judgement call. She can form her own opinion about her neighbors and is welcome to safely express her opinion here. 


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