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Hi all - a friend of mine asked me what I know about the Ridley Fenix - he's in a buying mood and has put one on hold. I had to admit that I know nothing about the brand, good or bad.

The price he's getting sounds very good for aluminum (6061), carbon forks, ultegra. He's been good about his homework and sounds like the shop help is also knowledgeable.

Does anyone have advice? Rave reviews? Horror stories?

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What kind of bike is it? Road or Cyclocross or ?

Good question - I forgot to specify the use.

Road bike. the guy is intending to do trail riding mostly. I would bet he never goes more than a 100k day. No plans for bike-packing or loaded touring. so the bike seemed a reasonable choice for day tours and exercise rides.

Thanks for the answer. I was intrigued by the combination of Ultegra and Aluminum - usually Ultegra and Carbon is the popular combination on a road bike. It sounds like he has done a lot of research. I personally like the Ridley line of bikes. I'd love to see a pic when he has his new bike. :-) 

hopefully we can do better than a picture and get him out for events. I'll give him plenty of stick if this bike spends its days hanging in his garage. :D

Events would be awesome. Ha! You are a tough-love kind of friend. I love it. :-) 


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