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Long time Chain Link lurker, infrequent commenter looking for advice.

I'm sure unfortunately someone else has had to deal with this nightmare.

I work on the loop, I parked entirely on the sidewalk, came back and the rear triangle is bent partially around the bike rack. Obviously no note.

I work in the area and some businesses said they could provide footage with a police report. Easy enough?

I asked an officer, he said I needed to call 311.

I called 311 they said ask an officer.

Someone else told me to go to a station.

I ended up reporting through the CPD online crime reporting form after an hour and a half of trying to figure out who to talk to.

The disagreement seemed to be if the bike was a vehicle (it is).

I'm not even entirely sure what to do when I find out who did the damage. Given the intersection I would guess it's a bus (LaSalle and Jackson). Should I work through my homeowners if I find out the driver?

Any advice is appreciated.

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What a sweet looking bike turned into a brutal piece of art.

From the looks of the photos, only the frame was damaged. Insurance will say that it is a used bike, if they offer to reimburse you, it will likely be 10%-25% of the original cost. 

The good news is, it's getting cooler out, which means winter is coming. Winter is one of the best times to get a bike at a significantly reduced price. Shops put items on sale to make room for the new year models that start shipping out. I would take this opportunity to find yourself a nice frame that you've been looking at, and carry over all those nice parts from your damaged bike. The rear wheel may need a good true, but overall almost everything from the photos looks salvageable. 


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