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ADA's Chicagoland Tour de Cure - Are you available Sunday, June 14th??

The American Diabetes Association's Chicagoland Tour de Cure cycling fundraising event is Sunday, June 14th, and if you're available and want to help out a fantastic cause, give them a shout.

It really is a wonderful event -- did I mention that it's held at Two Brothers Roundhouse, where they make BEER?!?!?  

Main website:

Volunteer website:

That's my TDC Champion jersey, with my Dad, who's always got my back!!

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I might be available :)

I'm signed up to do the ride should be a great day (even if its going to rain) for a great cause.

Remember, 50% chance of rain means 50% chance of NO rain!!  Besides, a little rain when's it's 75F will feel refreshing -- and the post-ride party will be a blast!!!

oh no complaints about rain i did the McHenry century last sunday in the rain with no prob so I'll be there doing the same.  Congrats for your first century beer for u when u finish.

I'll be there. It will be my first Century Ride.

Awesome, Eric!  It's a great century route - challenging, but not killer, and the support

is fantastic, eat/drink enough -- get in with good groups and share the load, and then enjoy the party :)

Good luck for your first century! That's awesome!! Definitely post some pics on Chainlink afterwards. 


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