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Active Trans Petition: We Must Do More to Hold Drunk Drivers Accountable

Active Trans: Please sign our letter to local law enforcement and judicial officials calling on them to do more to hold drunk and reckless drivers accountable.

Last week, an outrageously weak sentence was handed down in the prosecution of Ryne San Hamel, who struck and killed cyclist Bobby Cann in 2013 while driving drunk.

In exchange for a guilty plea, San Hamel was sentenced to only ten days in jail and four years of probation.

Unfortunately, this lack of accountability among drunk reckless drivers for their actions is all too familiar.

Please sign our letter to local law enforcement and judicial offici...

For every high-profile fatality on our roadways like the Bobby Cann case, there are dozens of additional victims whose names and faces don’t show up in the media.

It’s time for our law enforcement and judicial leaders to start doing their part to address these preventable deaths using all the tools we have available, including alternatives to incarceration such as community service, substance abuse treatment, suspension of driving privileges, and driver education.


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