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Active Trans Looking for Volunteers to Help Illuminate Cyclists

Photo by John Greenfield

Lend a Hand to Light Up Cyclists

With support from the Law Offices of Freeman/Kevenides and Oregon based Portland Design Works Active Trans will be conducting an on-street safety and encouragement event the week of November 16th to equip cyclists in need of proper lighting equipment with the necessary lights and reflectors. We are seeking volunteers to help in this effort. Volunteers will be required to:

• flag down cyclists who are riding without the proper lighting 
• mount the equipment on the cyclists’ bicycles
• inform cyclists about the importance of lights and reflectors and how to use them correctly
• inform cyclists about the legal requirements for lights and reflectors
• answer basic questions about Active Trans, FK Law and Portland Design Works

-A pre-event training will be conducted for all participating volunteers

Volunteers will need to be available for a single distribution event on the near northwest side from 4:30pm-6:30pm which will take place on a weeknight during the week of the 16th. The exact date and location of the event will remain undisclosed to the general public to guarantee that we are interacting with cyclists who are genuinely in need of proper safety lighting at the event. To that end the exact date and location of the event will be provided in a reply to those interested in volunteering. If you are interested but unable to participate in the event as a volunteer we ask that you keep the information about the date and location confidential.

Those interested in volunteering should contact:

Kevin Dekkinga

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Thanks Yasmeen! I was just about to post this.


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