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"As a member of the Communications team, the Photography Intern will be responsible for capturing photos to be used on our print and online advocacy and event materials. He/she is a curious and passionate photography major or recent graduate with a strong interest in furthering his/her experience. He/she is highly organized and detail oriented with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. He/she is both a self-starter and a team player that is comfortable behind the camera and has experience helping others feel comfortable in front of it."

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But think of all the "valuable" experience they will gain as an intern! 

Pretty typical. Lots of interns get course credit and experience for their time. Having worked with interns and recent graduates, they require a lot of work and training on the basics. Many come out of school never having worked a job or at least one that there was significant accountability and hard work involved.

While I get they wouldn't get "as much" as a normal employee would, certainty $2.20/hr is outrageous. Especially since I'm guessing that Active Trans will now have permanent rights to all photography they produce. I never had and never will buy that interns don't deserve minimum wage. They do work, therefore they deserve to be paid for the work they do. 

I see your point. On one hand, if they get college credit, that is something they normally pay for and the experience to put on their resume is huge. On the other hand, this makes some internships not possible for those that must pay bills, rent, and cannot afford to lose time that would go towards a job. I fell in the poor college kid camp, working as a waitress and in an office to pay the bills and tuition. It would have been hard for me to make that work if it didn't pay very much.

This is the right place to post the position, but I'm very disappointed that Active Trans would not offer a better benefit to the intern.

This position is not even offering college credit. Unless the intern is receiving college credit (a recent grad would not be receiving credit) and that credit is equivalent to at least minimum wage (for example a community college student's tuition is fairly low and hours works vs. value of credit may not equal minimum wage), the intern should be compensated at minimum wage. 

Being married to an arts major, I think $2.22 is a fair market wage for most artistic jobs.

Marriage hubris.

A lot of their work is done by volunteers with no financial compensation.  No one has any problem with non-profit organizations asking for volunteer labor, is this that different?

This is a volunteer position, being placed under the cover of "internship" 

A volunteer donates their time for public service. An un/under paid intern the work should be for the benefit of the intern and the organization must not derive an immediate advantage from the intern’s services and the intern must receive training similar to training that would be provided in an educational environment. I highly doubt that this intern will be working with another photographer that can help provide them guidance and training on taking event photographs. 


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