SAFETY: municipal (such a city's Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council) and bicycle advocacy groups and public safety officials can share with guest columns, letters to the editor, or educational video (created or borrowed) why it is important for all drivers to avoid parking in the bike lanes.

CITY PLANNING/Board of Public Works: Near locations where bike lane parking is common, more parking options for delivery drivers/'loading zones' and emergency/police vehicles is needed. In areas where there are only metered spaces that are constantly full, an occasional space reserved for delivery (even if just during the day, such as reserved from 6am-6pm) can be helpful. Drivers don't really want to park in the bike lane, but it's their best option. Give the cats a scratching post if you want nice furniture. To get these spaces, people need to advocate for them talking to their city transportation engineers, as well as their Board of Public Works, City Council and mayor.

LEGISLATION: What are the parking ticket rates in YOUR city for a driver parked in and/or "standing" blocking a bike lane?

ENFORCEMENT: How often are bike lane parking tickets enforced? 

The data might not be available, but some municipalities with searchable databases might be able to offer data on the total number of parking tickets written for blocking bike lanes. A benchmark number would be a good start in pushing for more enforcement. 
If the fines are too low, as well as the enforcement too infrequent, professional drivers (Uber included) and citizens alike are less likely to adhere to the law.

ADVOCACY: Citizens {exactly like the group here} respectfully speaking with the drivers when possible, taking photos of the offenders, contacting the employers of these professional drivers, potentially contacting the police (even if you don't expect enforcement) is also needed.
As an aside, citizens also looking out for other dangers in the bike lanes such as broken glass, broken storm sewer grates, snow left unplowed, a build-up of leaves, construction barrels, or other debris is also needed.

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Too bad the city sold its street parking to a private company :(

Yes, I realize that's a horrible short-sighted decision for Chicago officials to make. Parking companies are in it for profit only.

There may be a way though, to negotiate with the company and get some spaces for delivery here and there.


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