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When can i expect to start riding after acl replacement?

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when your doctor says you can.

 You can't hurt the reconstruction because it's in there with hardware.  You can go based on your comfort.  A little bit within the first days is ok.  But this should be in the gym.  Your good leg will do most of the work.  I've torn both ACLs and I think biking is the best rehab.  Ask you doctor.  I bet he/she'll agree.

thanks. i tore three anterior ligaments and tore the miniscus last year. it took three months to bear weight. three days ago i had the other acl repaired, today i can bear some weight, no swelling and occasional pain. i will listen to my therapist and doctor. I doubt they bike as much as i or we do and that is why i will add the opinion of other bikers that have had the same repair. summer is comming and i;d hate to miss it. 

I've had minor knee surgery (meniscus) and gotten the okay from my doc to ride my bike on a trainer after 6 weeks, then on the road 2 weeks later. Not sure if the same timeline applies for your ACL surgery. I think Asper K makes good points. 

My doc rides, so he gets bike issues and recommends it as part of therapy. He's recommended time on a trainer to help regain flexibility and rebuild some strength before getting out on the road again.

The bottom line is that it's a good idea to listen to your doc and therapist. A good solid recovery = much better summer ahead.

My guess is in 6-8 weeks you'll be able to bike around town or at least with decent strength in the gym.  Long rides might be a little tougher this year.  You'll need to get your strength back plus there there will still be residual swelling so your knee will get too hot if you do too much.   Just what I remember.  Good luck.  


thanks. good news matches my expectaions.

Blew up my left knee pretty good a couple years back skiing in Colorado. Took about a month after the surgery before I could pedal comfortably on the trainer, and a couple more weeks before I felt I could take some short rides outside. Other than an occasional twinge going up the stairs, I'm back to 100%.

Stick with the therapy, and good luck!

Thanks for all the toughtful responses. Another question that colud be asked is if biking contributes to knee injury.

I've only experienced that in 2 ways: extreme hill climbing or crashing/falling.

If you ride on a trainer at home, once your PT gives the nod, you should probably use platforms until the graft has taken. You don't want to stress it by pulling against your foot on the upstroke.

I had my surgery in September. The stationary bike, ice packs and ibuprofen are your friends. You'll be back outside by late summer for sure.

Good luck!


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